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Using reusable environmental garbage bags to protect the environment against virus

Environmental protection is short for environmental protection. Environmental protection involves a wide range of comprehensive; it involves many fields of natural science and social science, as well as its unique research objects.

Environmental protection includes: through administrative, legal, economic, science and technology, the folk spontaneous environmental groups, etc., reasonable use of natural resources, prevent environmental pollution and destruction, in the natural environment and humane environment, economic environment, sustainable development of the mutual balance, expand reproduction of useful resources, ensure the development of the society.

According to a representative panel of 2,500 experts, sea levels will rise and many heavily populated areas, such as Bangladesh, the coast of China and most islands in the Pacific and Indian Oceans, will be under water. Rising temperatures will also have a serious impact on agriculture and ecosystems. Energy consumption in Asia and the Pacific is expected to double between 1990 and 2010, and in Latin America it is expected to increase by 50 to 70 percent. The process of transferring energy saving technologies between the West and developing countries should therefore be strengthened. In particular, we should use economic incentives to encourage industrialists to develop techniques to improve the efficiency of the use of industrial resources.

On May 19, the American Forest and Paper Association (AF&PA) announced that 65.7 percent of the paper consumed in the United States will be recycled in 2020. Recycling rates have been high in the U.S. for a decade, with 63% or more recycled since 2009, nearly double the 1990 U.S. recycling rate.

In 2020, the United States consumed a record 22.8 million tons of waste box corrugated paper (OCC), and the OCC recovery rate reached 88.8%, compared with a three-year average of 92.4%.
“One year into the COVID-19 pandemic, nearly two-thirds of all waste paper was recycled to produce new paper products,” said Heid Brock, president and CEO of AF & PA.

We should persist in garbage classification, not littering, and recycling. Of the waste, about 50% is biological organic matter, and about 30%-40% has the value of recycling. In 2000, the six major recyclable wastes produced in China were 41.5 to 43 million tons of steel waste, 1 to 1.2 million tons of nonferrous metals waste, 850,000 to 920,000 tons of rubber waste, 2.3 to 2.5 million tons of plastic waste, 10.4 million tons of glass waste and 10 to 15 million tons of waste paper. At present, the value of usable but unused waste in China each year reaches 25 billion Yuan, about 3 million tons of scrap steel and 6 million tons of waste paper have not been recycled. Less than 3% of plastic waste is recovered and 31% of rubber is recovered. The more than 6 billion waste dry batteries thrown away each year alone contain more than 70,000 tons of zinc and 100,000 tons of manganese dioxide.

In order to recycle some recyclable things, we need to prepare more garbage cans to store. And it is better that the garbage can itself is eco-friendly. Then it is relevant to garbage bag. Recently we develop a new item. And now see below shows.

This is made of laminated non woven material. Non woven material is recyclable, so it is eco-friendly.

With the new design with the bag top part, you may put a PE bag to hold the things. You may put some used papers and batteries and some other recyclable used things inside it to do recycling.
This is foldable and light, so you may take along with you when you go outside to have picnic or do sports. And you may also put one in your car. Whatever usage you can image, you may try.
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