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Using Cooler/Isotherm/Insulated/Isothermal/Thermal Shopping Tote Bag to Pack Your Food

Recently, sporadic cases of the epidemic have appeared in Guangzhou and Shenzhen, causing concern from the outside world. Many netizens have said “my city is sick; I hope you don’t abandon us.”Others said that “the SARS epidemic in 2003 ended in Guangzhou, and we hope that the COVID-19 epidemic will end in Guangzhou”.

On the whole, the global epidemic continues to spread, and China has done an excellent job in preventing and controlling the epidemic. It is quite normal to have sporadic cases until we have completely overcome the epidemic. Guangdong people are actively cooperating with nucleic acid testing, vaccination work. Guangdong is also using drones to deliver nucleic acid samples, greatly improving efficiency.

According to the news of the Guangdong Provincial Health Commission on June 3, 15 new local confirmed cases were reported in Guangdong yesterday, all of which were reported in Guangzhou. Local cases have been reported for a week in a row, but there is no need to cause panic. The overall situation is controllable. And Guangzhou local cases confirmed the first case of Guo Po, the disease is basically no problem, the distance from the discharge is not far away.

On May 21, Guangzhou and Shenzhen were reported at the same time, but the two outbreaks were separate. Compared with Guangzhou, the transmission chain of the epidemic in Shenzhen is clearer, and the source can be basically determined to be related to the operation of international cargo ships in Yantian port area, and it is a novel coronavirus mutant strain that appeared in the UK.

At the 20th Science Council for Asia Conference, Academician Zhong Nanshan stressed the need to pay particular attention to the importation of COVID-19 cases from India to China. Not surprisingly, the Guangzhou outbreak was linked to India. No country will be secure unless all countries are secure. We are a community with a shared future for mankind.

So in this hard situation, so should still keep being careful. We should wear masks; try our best to get rid of the crowd, pay attention to hygiene. Therefore, it we should have meals outside, we’d better pack the foods and have it in personal places, but not having it directly in the restaurant.
Packing the food, we need use some packaging box or bag to keep the food warm or cool. We have a kind of product which has this usage. We called it cooler bag, insulated l bag, isotherm bag, thermal bag and so on.
Cooler bag is made of pp woven/non woven/RPET/washable paper/polyester outside with EPE foam inside.

Non woven outside with foam inside, zipper closure isotherm bag

Laminated non woven with foam, zipper closure cooler bag

Laminated non woven material with foam inside, velcro closure insulated bag

Polyester with foam inside thermal bag, with zipper closure

Pp woven with foam inside isotherm bag, with zipper closure

Drawstring cooler bag, polyester isothermal backpack