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Starting a bag manufacturing project?

we produced lots of bags to show off as wide a variety of bag production techniques as possible. Some of them were branded with print, while others featured embroidered logos. If you’re still deciding which of the two to choose for your bespoke bag, pouch or sleeve, read on for our evaluation of the two different methods for branding.

There are two main types of print: digital print and screen print. The difference between the two? Digital printing is the more modern of the two – both the machinery and the ink involved in the process remain comparatively expensive when compared to the more established and traditional print process using CMYK screens. Digital print is applied to the material directly and though it does take time to produce, offers exceptional quality. Screen printing does not result in the same detail. But if you want to incorporate glitter or metallic print in your design, screen print is the way to go!

Sometimes, the decision as to whether to brand your bag, pouch or sleeve with embroidery or print is taken out of your hands completely.

This is because there are materials that are not particularly well suited to one or the other. Fabrics should ideally be smooth, especially for printing on. So it might make sense to discount printing altogether if designing a bag using very textured materials.Thanks to our Pantone matching service, we can ensure any threads used to embroider a design are 100% in line with your corporate colour scheme. We can also source fancy metallic threads should your design require some added sparkle! One of the great advantages of embroidering a design as opposed to printing it on to your bag is the chance to introduce some interesting texture – in the form of flocking, perhaps. Of course, you could always go one step further by incorporating appliqué lettering or an embroidered label, especially if the main fabric is far from smooth.

As you can tell, there are various aspects to consider when trying to choose between print and embroidery.

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