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ECO FRIENDLY For the next Generation

Next year an eco line will be released. With this new line we will set high standards concerning sustainability. The packaging will be biodegradable; we will cooperate with workshops for handicapped people. Moreover we will be able to reduce the CO2 consumption to a minimum. This is how we round off the ecological idea and close the circle around a sustainable product.


We are a young innovative enterprise who pays utmost attention to fairness. For cost saving reasons, the vast majority of the traditional Tees is manufactured in underdeveloped or developing countries. However, we think that our success should not be built by exploiting the helpless of the world. We do not condone at all sweatshops – sublimit payment, inhuman work conditions and child labor. Therefore, we have decided from the very beginning to produce exclusively in Europe, a child-labor free and fair compensation part of the world.


Unfortunately, child labor still remains a world-wide practice, driven primarily by the costs saving strategy of big corporations. Exploited children are often overlooked and mostly forgotten; the weakest among us are used to increase our profits. Moreover, they cannot speak for themselves and have no lobby. Often, they are not aware of their situation, for the only thing they have known from early childhood on, is long and hard work hours. We are proud to have been consistently different. Our policy calls for zero tolerance for child labor; we are a child-labor free enterprise.


Adequate Payment

Manufacturing in low cost countries often entails more than just sublimit payment. In sweatshops, work is performed in inhuman conditions, brought about by inadequate equipment, poor work security procedures and the utilization of toxic materials. In spite of long and hard working hours, people in these countries often live below subsistence levels. We definitely do not condone such practices. All our employees, with no exception, work in conditions regulated by European standards, are paid fairly and adequately, and enjoy full social security and health benefits. We guarantee it!

We are a standard manufacturer producing lots of eco-friendly bags, such as tote bag, hand bag, shoulder bag, zipper bag, cooler bag, drawstring bag, backpack, cooler bag, insulated bag, and so on. We can make kinds of shopping bags made of lots of materials, like pp woven, non woven, RPET, cotton, polyester, felt, jute, PLA non woven and so on.

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