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Shopping bags made of recycled material will be used normally

Recycled plastic bags are now popular in our livings.
Although plastic bags are small, they affect millions of families. The city trade bureau vegetable non-food person calculates an account for the reporter: a vegetable market if by 200 stalls, each stall consumes 500 plastic bags all day, then a year will consume 36.5 million plastic bags, the city more than 60 vegetable markets, calculate down a year to consume 21 billion plastic bags in the city! If the supermarket, shopping malls all add up is a staggering astronomical number!

So what’s the safety factor for this huge amount of plastic bags?
CPPCC member Chen hang had made investigation, now in general use ningbo major supermarkets and vegetable markets ordinary plastic bags, food storage containers and the vast majority of food bag is non-biodegradable, is most, the use of the low price of industrial and living waste production, not only a serious threat to the general public’s health, also become one of the city environment is the source of white pollution. During this year’s two sessions, he proposed to promote the use of non-toxic and non-biodegradable plastic and paper bags in supermarkets and vegetable markets in the city, with regulations banning toxic and non-biodegradable plastic bags from entering these markets. And the manufacturers of non-toxic biodegradable plastic bags to introduce exemptions and support and other preferential policies to reduce their manufacturing costs.

Through the inspection of the municipal health and quality inspection departments, the reporter also learned that many of the plastic bags widely used in the vegetable market are recycled plastic products, and recycling and processing are made of waste plastic collected from garbage stations, industrial wastes and medical plastic discarded by medical institutions. Food packaged in poor plastic bags is often easy to spoil, people eat this kind of spoiled food, easy to cause vomiting, diarrhea and other food poisoning symptoms.

In this case, shopping bags made of recycled materials will also be in large percentage to be used. That will be very eco-friendly to our environment. Some materials are made of recycled bottle material.
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