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PP Woven Beach Mat Shopping Bag with Multi Usage

Outdoor sports is a positive and healthy way of life, reflects an optimistic attitude towards life, is a manifestation of people’s spiritual pursuit, it not only edify sentiment, increase knowledge, expand mind, exercise, recuperation body and mind, but also a challenge to the self. Through outdoor sports, people can better understand their own potential, enhance self-confidence, face challenges, and have the courage to overcome difficulties. Through outdoor sports, people can deeply feel the team spirit of interdependence and mutual help among people in difficulties. This is not only influenced by the return to nature, but also our innate need, which is to love life and love nature.

The significance of outdoor sports;

Firstly, Return to nature, human body, is a natural thing, but people live in the environment of unnatural things, long-term away from the contact with nature on human health is already verified things, therefore, return to nature has become a popular trend of thought in the world in recent years, go to the nature, Feel the natural magnetic field, the beautiful sound of nature, the fresh air, the clean water, the warm sunshine, the soft moonlight, etc.

Secondly, increase knowledge: travel is bound to leave their familiar environment, voluntary not voluntary to contact new things and the environment, which enriches our life experience, increased knowledge. And there is a lot of knowledge and experience is impossible to get from the book, learn.

Thirdly, physical and mental relaxation in our modern life, due to the survival and development of the drive, people are always busy for a living, fast-paced, efficient modern life will be people’s nerves and life highly tense. For a long time such a life, people’s eyes become shallow, psychological deformity development, the body is prone to suffer from various modern urban syndromes, health conditions, etc. People long for a complete physical and mental relaxation, and maintain a healthy mental state. To realize what kind of life and outlook on life can maintain a true self, when this kind of state is achieved in the essential sense of physical and mental relaxation, philosophical life.

Fourthly, edify sentiment: when we travel with the desire to return to nature, visit nature, close to nature, make friends, exercise physical fitness, increase knowledge, but also edify sentiment, practice taste, this is self-evident. The ancients said: “The benevolent are happy in the mountains, the wise are happy in the water”, and it has long been a life pursuit of the ancients to cultivate their feelings by landscape. The ancients so, the present people should carry forward.

While this epidemic is not over, we should do more outdoor activities to ensure our physical and mental health. It can be played on an open lawn or by the open sea.

Anyway, we need to be careful and should sure the place is not crowded.
When we go outside to have picnic or do some activity, some necessary things are needed. As we suggest, beach mat will be counted one. We do this production for more than 13 years. And we recently develop a product with multi functions/usage.

It can be used as a beach mat; you may sit and have some foods on it. If for kids, you may also put some toys on it.

It can be folded and closed with buttons to be a pp woven bag

It can be filled with some fruits or vegetables, or snacks and so on. For kids, you may carry some toys for them.

It has short handle for tote.

It also has long handles for shoulder.

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