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Polyester with Metallic Looking Coating Used For Shopping Bag

Polyester Oxford and twill nylon fabrics are very useful in daily life, but most people don’t know the difference between nylon and polyester. Polyester Oxford polyester is a kind of synthetic fiber, is the raw material of elastic chemical fiber fabric, polyester easy to ignite near flame, that is, melting shrinkage burning cheng when melting, black smoke yellow flame polyester Oxford cloth emitting fragrant smell after burning ashes into black brown hard blocks, can be broken with fingers. Polyester Oxford fabric features rayon staple fiber, whose specification is 38mmX-67Dtex. Although it is a chemical fiber with cotton-like and non-cotton specificity after weaving, it does not have different degrees of static electricity inherent in other chemical fibers. Polyester Oxford fabric can be comparable with silk products after processing. Polyester Oxford fabric is made of rayon yarn, which is not only smooth and unique, but also double warp and double weft square fabric. It is expected to be a popular garment fabric and professional garment fabric in tropical and subtropical countries and regions.

Dacron Oxford (strong and wear-resistant) : the biggest advantage is strong and wear-resistant, is a better density of small fabric light, good elasticity, and fatigue damage chemical stability is also very good; Alkali resistance is not acid resistance is not good sunlight resistance fabric will become yellow for a long time, strength decline, moisture absorption is not good. The thermal setting door width is too wide to cause the film to rupture into a needle eye. Solvent water content is too high to produce bubbles; scraping drying will also cause needle-eye defects. Therefore, dacron Oxford fabric should do a good job of flame retardant Oxford fabric equipment and environment cleaning, do not let the cloth surface, coating glue, guide kun and other impurities. Solvent water content should not be too high, after coating to fully dry, cooling and then roll, so as to preserve the better.

There are several kinds of Oxford cloth coating:
1. Polyester Oxford cloth PA coating, also known as AC adhesive coating, that is, acrylic coating, is a more common and more common coating at present. After coating, it can increase feel, windproof and vertical feeling.2, polyester Oxford cloth PU coating, that is, polyurethane coating, coated fabric feel plump, elastic, the surface has a sense of film.
3. Anti-down coating, that is, anti-down coating, can prevent down down after coating, suitable for making down jacket fabric. But now dacron Oxford cloth coating where there is pressure requirements of PA coating is also called anti-pile coating.
4. Dacron Oxford cloth PA white glue coating that is, on the surface of the fabric coated with a layer of white acrylic resin can increase the covering rate of the cloth, color, and make the cloth color more bright.
5. Polyester Oxford fabric PU white adhesive coating, that is, on the fabric surface coated with a layer of white polyurethane resin, the effect is basically the same as PA white adhesive, but PU white adhesive coated feel more plump, fabric more elastic, better fastness.

We use a new material to do our shopping bag. It has metallic looking. And it is polyester with shiny coating.

Can be done with different logo printing.

It also has silver color for selecting.