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The increase in trade is pushing China and Israel to conclude a free trade agreement. According to the report, Israel imported $7.07 billion worth of goods from China from January to July 2021, up from $5.18 billion in the same period in 2020. Exports to China rose to $2.87 billion from $2.69 billion in January – July 2020. If the growth continues, the numbers could well exceed 2020 levels despite quarantine restrictions, the report said.

All this is reportedly pushing the two sides to conclude a free trade agreement as soon as possible. Since 2016, the two sides have been working on a trade agreement that would eliminate tariffs on most items in goods and services. Most observers agree that the question is not whether Israel and China will sign a free trade agreement, but when.

At the same time, experts say the United States is trying to influence Economic and investment relations between Israel and China, but it is unlikely to be able to impede the sino-Israeli trade agreement.

Cia Director William Burns recently told Israeli Prime Minister David Bennett that the United States is concerned about Chinese investment in Israel, especially in the technology sector, and the participation of Chinese companies in major investment projects.

The US news website Axios noted that this is the highest level the Biden administration has raised such an issue. Under the administrations of former U.S. President Donald Trump and former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, sino-Israeli investment cooperation was also a point of disagreement between the two sides, the website recalled. Yinchuan on August 20(Li Pisan, Li Zeyang) At the signing ceremony of projects of the fifth China-Arab States Expo on April 20, the press learned that 277 signing achievements and total planned investment and trade amount of 156.67 billion Yuan (the same below). The contracts have been signed in fields such as electronic information, clean energy, new materials, green food, industrial capacity cooperation, “Internet + healthcare” and tourism cooperation.
It is understood that this conference signed projects, investment projects 199, investment 153.92 billion Yuan; 24 trade projects with a trade volume of 2.75 billion Yuan. At the same time, it has issued 54 policy reports, including the Annual Report on the Development Process of China-Arab Economic and Trade Relations 2020 and the Report on the Development of Economic and Trade Cooperation between China and Arab States 2021, and signed 54 memorandums and agreements.

Among them, Ningxia, the permanent host of china-Arab States Expo, signed 257 investment projects, trade projects and memorandum agreements, with a total investment of 138.06 billion Yuan.

In addition to Ningxia, the expo also attracted eight provinces and cities, including Beijing, Tianjin, Zhejiang, Henan and Guangdong. Using the expo platform, 12 investment projects were signed with Arab countries and other countries along the belt and Road, with a total investment of 7.43 billion Yuan.

All the above info comes from Chinanews website.

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