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How Reusable Shopping Bags Are Easy to Remember and Convenient to Use

As plastic bag bans go into effect across the country, people have no choice but to remember to bring reusable bags with them when they leave the house. But what if you are used to getting plastic bags in the store? In fact, the switch to green grocery bags is easier than you think. There are three simple ways to guarantee you won’t leave home without them.

Keep them in the car. Eco-friendly reusable shopping bags are going to help the environment in a number of ways. However, they only work when you have them with you. Keep a couple in the trunk of your car so you’ll have easy access. If you ride a bicycle, latch one to the bike frame so it’ll be there when you need it.
Set them by the door. If you’ve been forgetting your reusable bags, this idea almost always settles the issue. Leave a bag by the door so you can’t exit your home without considering whether you will need it (you usually will). If you exit by a back door, keep one there as well. The same goes for a door to the garage or any other way outside.
Leave yourself a note or set an alert until it becomes a habit. Making eco-friendly reusable shopping bags a part of your day is a big challenge for some people. Writing a note to yourself or setting an alert on your phone simply helps make the transition easier. While it might sound excessive, the alternative is neglecting the environment due to carelessness. That sounds like a heavy load to bear when you can just bring your reusable tote bag with you wherever you go.

Using these helpful tips can make the switch easier until you have fully adjusted to this great eco-friendly solution. Remember switching over to reusable bags is a great alternative to plastic bags and the time is now!
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