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Gravure Printing Ink for Shopping tote reusable bag pass reach test

Laminated material packaging shopping bags are generally printed on a variety of plastic film, and then combined with the barrier layer and heat sealing layer into a composite film, by cutting, bag forming packaging products. Among them, printing is the first line of production, is also a very important process, to measure the grade of a packaging product, printing quality is the first. Therefore, understanding and controlling the printing process and quality becomes the key to flexible packaging production.

Intaglio print making(gravure printing) is to make the whole surface of the printing plate covered with ink, and then use a special ink scraping mechanism to remove the blank part of the ink, so that the ink is only left in the picture and text part of the net hole, and then under greater pressure, the ink is transferred to the substrate surface, to get the printed matter. Gravure printing belongs to direct printing. The text and text part of the printing plate is concave, and the degree of concave varies with the level of the image. The blank part of the printing plate is raised, and in the same plane.

Nowadays, environmental consciousness has increased among people day by day. And they prefer eco-friendly goods. Since this will be good to health.
As the requests from our clients all over the world, we collect some printing ink and send to some authorized organ to do reach test for us. And we now proudly and excitedly announced, WE PASS REACH TEST! WE HAVE GOT THE REACH CERTIFICATES.

The ink in environmental and the printing result is very wonderful. If you need it, you may send us email to get the test report to check. Email us: [email protected]
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