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Gravure printing can do beautiful and colorful design printings for kinds of shopping bags.

Gravure printing is to make the entire plate surface coated with ink, and then use a special scraping mechanism, the blank part of the ink clean, so that the ink only remaining in the graph and text part of the net hole, and then under the greater pressure, the ink transfer to the substrate surface, obtain the print. Gravure printing belongs to direct printing. Printing plate part of the text and text concave, and the degree of depression with the level of the image has different depth, the blank part of the plate raised, and on the same plane.

Gravure printing, referred to as gravure printing, is one of the four printing methods. Gravure printing is a direct printing method, it will gravure pit containing ink directly imprint onto the substrate, the shade level of the printed picture is determined by the size and depth of the pit, if the pit is deeper, it contains more ink, imprint substrate left on the ink layer is thicker; On the contrary, if the pit is shallow, the amount of ink is less, imprint substrate left on the ink layer is thinner. Gravure printing plate is composed of pits corresponding to the original text and the surface of the plate. When printing, the ink is filled into the pit, the ink on the surface of the plate is scraped off with an ink scraper, and there is a certain pressure contact between the plate and the substrate, and the ink in the pit is transferred to the substrate to complete printing. As a kind of printing process, gravure printing occupies an extremely important position in the field of printing, packaging and graphic publishing due to its advantages of thick ink layer, bright color, high saturation, high plate resistance, stable quality and fast printing speed. From the perspective of application, gravure printing is mainly used in magazines, product catalogs and other fine publications, packaging printing and banknotes, stamps and other securities printing, but also used in decorative materials and other special fields; In China, gravure printing is mainly used for flexible packaging printing, with the development of domestic gravure printing technology, has been widely used in paper packaging, wood grain decoration, leather materials, drug packaging. Of course, gravure printing also has limitations, its main disadvantages are: prepress plate making technology complex, long cycle, plate making cost is high; Due to the use of volatile solvents, the harmful gas content in the workshop is higher, which is harmful to workers’ health. Intaglio printing practitioners require relatively high treatment.

Gravure printing can do beautiful and colorful design printings for kinds of shopping bags.

PP woven tote bag

Non woven zipper bag

Double layer non woven bag

Non woven shopping bag with pocket

Non woven bag with croco material handle

Non woven Christmas gift bag

Pp woven round corner bag

Pp woven bag sets

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