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God 12 astronauts – We Chinese have entered our own space station for the first time save sources to use reusable eco-friendly bag

The Chinese have entered own space station for the first time!
Shenzhou XII, a manned spacecraft, blasted off from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center on June 17 and successfully entered low-earth orbit. The three astronauts became the first group of astronauts to enter the core module of China’s space station after docking in the spacecraft and the core module.

It is the first manned flight of China’s manned space station mission, and the first time a Chinese astronaut has gone into space after a five-year absence. Before the battle, 3 “God 12” astronauts Nie Haisheng, Liu Boming, Tang Hongbo accepted an exclusive interview with our reporter.

June 23 (Ma Shuaisha Guo Chaokai) Shenzhou-12 flight group astronauts in the Chinese space station is about to complete a week, the astronauts Nie Haisheng, Liu Boming, Tang Hongbo 23 morning made the first communication since the launch of Shenzhou-12.The overhaul of the space station, details of the astronauts’ life in space and the upcoming extravestration has once again attracted enthusiastic onlookers from Chinese netizens.

On the same day before the call between heaven and earth, Liu Boming and Tang Hongbo in the node module to check the manual, the EVA spacesuit glove installation and testing, clothing size adjustment and other work. Nie Haisheng in the cabin for the first time out of the mobile arm control training, after the three people made a phone call to report safety.

Pictures from the cabin at the time of the call showed that after a week-long operation, the packages floating in the cabin had been cleaned up. Hou Yongqing, deputy chief designer of the space station system of the Fifth Academy of Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, said that all packages have a QR code to make it easier for astronauts to find and check supplies. By scanning the QR code, astronauts can obtain information about the goods in the package in the material management system. It is worth mentioning that the Chinese space station is equipped with food refrigerators to store fresh fruits and vegetables. The fruits and vegetables were delivered to the space station in advance by the Tianzhou-2 cargo spacecraft, so that astronauts can eat fresh fruits and vegetables in space.

The image of Tang Hongbo eating an apple while walking on a horse drew people’s attention on that day.”Space food broadcast” on the agenda, Apple “C position debut”. Why the Apples? This is because apples are nutritious and can be kept for a long time. Compared with oranges, apples have less juice and are easier to eat. To this end, the space station is equipped with a food cooler storage of dozens of apples, for the astronauts to enjoy at any time.

For astronauts, food in addition to the need for rich and balanced nutrition, can “bite” is also very important, the best is solid, boneless, small pieces, all edible, no residue, will not leave too much difficult to deal with the leftovers .After the crew eats, the food scraps will be put into collection bags, and all the space station waste will be stored in the cargo ship. At the end of the mission, the cargo ship will deorbit and return with the waste, which will eventually be burned up in the atmosphere.

All garbage collection into the bag back to the earth is the astronauts must develop the living habits and must abide by the code of conduct. In the weightless environment of space, littering not only affects the environment when it floats, but also the suspended food residues or water droplets are easily inhaled into the lungs of astronauts, causing suffocation.

The overhaul of the space station, details of the astronauts’ life in space and the upcoming extravestration has once again attracted enthusiastic onlookers from Chinese netizens.

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