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Custom Shopping Bags: Green Advertising for Business Owners

Business owners hoping to show their green stripes have a variety of options at their disposal today. You can run a paper-free workplace, run HVAC equipment at high efficiency standards or change every light bulb to a compact fluorescent model. These efforts make a big impact, but custom shopping bags provide you with a two-sided opportunity to do something green and spread the word in the community simultaneously.

Drop Single-Use Bags you’ll hear statistics about plastic bags and their impact on the waste stream, but the issue is much simpler. In every U.S. city, plastic bags contribute to the huge pollution problem we face today. They blow down the streets of every town and end up in local waters, where they become part of the ecosystem to everyone’s detriment. California and Hawaii are two states taking efforts to eliminate plastic bag waste, but you don’t have to wait for local legislatures to dictate policy in your community. You can declare the end of single-use paper and plastic bags by ordering custom shopping bags with your company name and logo on front.

Whether you offer them as promotional bags or charge a nominal fee for the bags, either way you will take a stand against careless waste. Advertising on a Shoulder Reusable bags that hang over the shoulder offer an effective form of advertising. People carry these bags through urban city centers, from store to parking lot, from car to home and in many other locations. In effect, you can create a small, moving billboard when you design an attractive reusable bag. Once consumers get used to them, your custom shopping bags really pay dividends. They will become the bag of choice for trips to the beach, quick stops at the gym, shopping excursions and carrying goods to dinner parties.

Everywhere they go; they carry your company’s name and remind people how your business supports the community. Being green is always a popular approach. Reusable shopping bags deliver these two services for business owners in one affordable package. It beats waiting for the city council to act.

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