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COVID-19 situation all over the world is serious- Let’s use reusable bags to save resources

COVID-19 is the common enemy of all mankind. Truth, science and unity are essential “comrades in arms” in the fight against the epidemic.
But when it comes to tracing the source of the virus, who is the US targeting? Who does he see as his “enemy”?

The virus and the epidemic have survived unscathed, but their “comrades” have fallen. Was it “intentional” or “friendly fire”?

It is clear to everyone that the US has politicized the epidemic, stigmatized the virus and made tracing its source a tool in order to divert attention, cover up its own suspicions and achieve ulterior political goals, which has seriously undermined scientific tracing and global response to the epidemic.
Such a short-sighted and irresponsible act is in fact aiding and abetting novel Corona virus.

To the United States, whether for the sake of changing its own weak response to the epidemic or for the sake of the overall situation of the world, please put the “gun” and “conscience” in order! Stop being the “helper” of the virus. Stop making the world pay for your political ends!

What’s the real reason the U.S. Military abruptly shut down the Fort Detrick lab in 2019? Why delete the depauw lab’s vast archive? What has the United States done in more than 200 biological laboratories overseas? Why can’t De Bauw find out? For the safety of everyone in the world, and for the future of international cooperation against COVID-19 – Fort Detrick, please answer!

All the things happened relates to resources. The human beings used too many resources from the nature, made the world out of control. So we need to save sources to use eco-friendly reusable products in our life.

We are a factory mainly produce lots of reusable shopping bag. We do bags made of pp woven, non woven, RPET, cotton, polyester, felt, jute, PLA non woven and so on.
We can kinds of shopping bags, like tote bag, hand bag, shoulder bag, zipper bag, cooler bag, drawstring bag, backpack, cooler bag, insulated bag, and so on.

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