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A total 73 China-Europe freight lines have reached 174 cities of 23 European countries, while the logistics distribution network has covered the entire Eurasia, said Meng Wei, spokesperson for National Development and Reform Commission, at a press conference on Thursday.

Against the COVID-19 backdrop, China-European freight trains give full play to the unique advantages of international railway intermodal transport, and vigorously undertake the transfer of goods by sea and air, playing a key role in stabilizing international supply and industry chains and facilitating the global fight against the pandemic, said Meng.

The monthly operation number of China-European freight trains has hit a record high. A total 1,323 China-European freight trains operated in August, surpassing 1,300 for the fourth consecutive month, with 128,000 twenty-foot equivalent units (TEUs) being transported, up by 9% and 16% respectively year-on-year, while the ratio of loaded containers reached 98.4%.
It is the 16th consecutive month that more than 1,000 China-European freight trains have been operated since the outbreak of COVID-19.

The annual operation volume of China-European freight lines has exceeded 10,000 ahead of schedule. A total 10,052 trains were run from January to August, exceeding 10,000 two months earlier than last year, while 967,000 TEUs were transported, up by 32% and 40% respectively year-on-year, with the ratio of loaded containers at 97.9%. China-European freight trains have solved urgent problems faced by companies.
Based on the principle of win-win cooperation, China-European freight lines are covering more and more European destinations.

London, Sept. 20 (Xinhua) –(International Observer) Why the European business community is still enthusiastic about the Chinese market despite the pandemic.

Reporter from Xinhua News Agency

From the huge consumer market, to the sustained and stable epidemic prevention and control, to the growing trade between China and many European countries, the Chinese economy has brought confidence and opportunities to European businesses. With China’s firm commitment and actions to open its door wider to the outside world, the European business community is still enthusiastic about the Chinese market, and cooperation is accelerating.

More European companies are tempted by the huge consumer market

Founded in 1898, The London-based Company makes luxury goods such as watch accessories and fine leather goods. Under the impact of the epidemic, the company is determined to further increase its investment in the Chinese market.

“Even in 2020, when the world was hit hard by the pandemic, China’s luxury market saw significant growth.”Oliver Laporte, chief executive of The London-based Company, told reporters that over the past six months, the company has become more focused on the Chinese market, hoping to study and understand Chinese consumer habits and retail trends.

Laporte is optimistic about the development prospects of the Chinese market, believing that China will become the world’s largest luxury goods market.”We are investing in China for the long term,” Mr. Laporte said. “We believe the Chinese market has great growth potential and look forward to strengthening our relationships with Chinese partners and consumers.”
Per capita chocolate consumption in Switzerland declined during the pandemic, reducing demand in the domestic market.Johannes Labelach, chief executive of Swiss chocolate retailer Labelach sa, said it was “time to expand beyond Switzerland and head east”.
“A year ago, we started an online business on Tmall and worked with a small team in China on our own online store.Sales exceeded our wildest expectations.”Rabelach said in an interview with Xinhua.
Mintel, a market research consultancy, has been studying consumer markets around the world to track consumer attitudes and confidence after the pandemic.”Through the data, we are very firmly bullish on China’s economic potential.”Matthew Nelson, the company’s General manager for Asia Pacific, told Xinhua.

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