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2020 Tokyo Olympics – Reusable Tote Shopping Bag

Tokyo, July 21 (Reporter: Zumin) The 2020 Tokyo Olympics, which became the first Olympic Games to be postponed due to the epidemic, is being labeled with another: the hottest Olympics in history.

Japan, which hosted the Olympics for the first time in 1964, decided to hold the games in mid-to-late October to avoid high temperatures. More than half a century later, average temperatures in Japan have risen by about 1 degree Celsius, and average temperatures in Tokyo have risen by about 2 degrees Celsius.

“Through research on fighting heat, our effective measures enabled Japanese athletes to win the gold medal in men’s 20km walk at the world Athletics Championships in Doha in 2019.””At the Tokyo Olympics, we will provide a special drink for the athletes to replenish water and energy, and some cooling materials for the body will also be used at the Olympics,” the official said.

After arriving in Japan, the reporter felt the scorching heat in Tokyo, but also saw the efforts of the organizers to cope with the heat. For example, through high-tech cooling equipment and technology, the streets and some outdoor venues are sprayed with ultra-fine cooling water mist to protect athletes, staff and tourists from heat stroke.

Even before the outbreak, the threat of “extreme heat” was a hot topic at the Tokyo Olympics. In 2019, the heat wave killed 57 people and sent more than 1,800 to hospitals in Japan in a week from late July to early August, Japanese authorities said. In Tokyo last year, nearly 5,000 people called emergency services in July and August for heat stroke.

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics will run from July 23 to August 8, the hottest time of year in Japan. Temperatures in Tokyo are expected to reach an average of more than 30 degrees Celsius during the Games, with humidity likely to reach 80 percent.”Faster, Higher, Stronger, Hotter” was once the motto of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.
The Tokyo Olympic organizing committee decided to move the race walking and marathon events from Tokyo to Sapporo in 2019 due to concerns about the impact of Tokyo’s extreme heat on some outdoor events and runners.

At a separate boCOG press conference, an IOC official said a weather information center will be set up during the Games to observe and provide temperature and weather forecast information to athletes in venues, ifS, the IOC and related staff. Currently, the IOC is working with the Japan Meteorological Agency to closely monitor the temperature, wind, wind direction, rainstorm, lightning and other information at the venue.

“We will make full use of these cutting-edge technologies from the Japan Meteorological Agency, something that has never been used at an Olympic Games before.””The official said.
According to an official of the Japan Meteorological Agency, during the Olympic Games, the Tokyo metropolitan area will be intensively monitored every 30 seconds to detect changes in the light cloud, and timely information will be shared and response plans will be made.
According to the latest report, 2,475 new cases of COVID-19 were confirmed in Japan on Monday, including 556 in Tokyo. With just two days to go before the games, the situation in Tokyo and across Japan remains dire. And as promised and to the high temperature, more makes this “ill-fated” Olympic Games meet a double test.

China News net on July 23The Organizing committee of the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games announced on Tuesday that 19 new Olympic personnel, including 3 new overseas athletes, have tested positive for COVID-19, Japanese media reported. A total of 106 people have been diagnosed with the virus.
It is reported that one of the three athletes is staying in the Olympic Village.

In addition to the three athletes, the 16 new confirmed cases include three contractors and three media personnel.
It was the highest number of new positive cases in a single day since July, the report said. Excluding athletes who went to Japan for training before the games, the number of infections related to the games reached three figures for the first time since June 1 at 106.

The Tokyo Olympic Games will officially open Thursday after a one-year delay. The number of people expected to attend the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympic Games is about 950 and could be further reduced as the outbreak is still not under control in Japan, the organizing committee of the Tokyo Olympic Games said Tuesday.

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